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KERI Insight

내부연구진과 외부전문가들의 개별연구결과를 담아 KERI가 발간한 보고서입니다.

KERI Insight

International Technology Spillovers and its Effects on China's Economic Growth

03. 10. 30.

박승록, Xinzhong Lee


This study investigates the effects of technological spillovers of FDI on productivity and output of China's provinces. Using a translog production function to measure productivity and measuring the change of total factor productivity (TFP) in China's provinces, this paper finds that R&D expenditures, human capital stock and employees brought by foreign enterprise positively influence output and growth of TFP. Generally, FDI inflows are an important channel of international technology spillovers.



I. Introduction

II. Literature Review of Previous Studies

III. Technological Spillovers from FDI Enterprises and its Effects on Economic Growth

1​. Review of Economic Growth Theories

2. Role of Foreign Direct Investment in the Economic Growth

3. Technological Spillovers from FDI Enterprises

Ⅳ. Statistical Methodology

1​. Measuring of Productivity in China‘s Provincial Data level

2. Modeling of Effects of Technology spillovers from FDI on TFP and Economic Growth

3. Data Description

Ⅴ. Main Empirical Results of Models

Ⅵ. Conclusions




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