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KERI Insight

내부연구진과 외부전문가들의 개별연구결과를 담아 KERI가 발간한 보고서입니다.

KERI Insight

The Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on China's International Trade

03. 7. 7.

박승록, Xinzhong Lee


This study presents the characteristics of FDI and international trade of China. Empirical analyses using time series data of FDI inflows and international trade of China since 1979 are carried out. Furthermore, the study carefully examines the intimate relationship between China's FDI and international trade, which are regarded as two important driving factors of strong growth of China's economy. In analyzing the impact of FDI on China's international trade, this paper integrates FDI theories with international trade theories. Specifically, the gravity model is developed and applied in this study.



I. Introduction

II.Literature Survey of Studies regarding Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade

III. Recent Development of Foreign Direct Investment in China

IV. Contribution of FDI to International Trade in China

1​. The Development of International Trade in China

2. The Role of FDI in International Trade in China

3. Empirical Analysis of the Effects of FDI on International Trade in China

4. Model and Assumption of International Trade in China

5. Empirical Analysis of the Effects of FDI on International Trade Based on China's Provincial data


6. Empirical Analysis of the Effects of FDI on China's Bilateral Trade

7. Relationship between FDI and International Trade in China

V. Conclusions

VI. Policy Implications


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